“Whatever sentence will bear to be read twice, we may be sure was thought twice.”
— Henry David Thoreau

What can I do for you?

A qualified writer/editor can help you develop the full potential of your creative writing.


  • Clarify your intentions and creative goals
  • Assess the effectiveness of your story/novel/essay: Will your theme reach your intended readers with the desired impact?
  • Evaluate structural development, plot, or argument progression

Nuts & Bolts:

  • Maintain consistency of writing style
  • Streamline wordy or awkward sentences
  • Avoid mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Maximize effectiveness of a fictional plot and scenes by advancing developments of character, scenic setting, action, and conflict to support your theme


You will benefit from my years of experience writing, publishing, teaching, and editing creative works. I will also share my insider’s perspective on the complex and changing world of publishing, and can assist you in queries to agents or publishers.

I always consider my clients’ needs and desires, whether a general evaluation (critique), a simple line-edit for clarity, or full structural assistance or rewrite. I will work with you to preserve your individual writing voice.

Each project is unique, and I will accommodate your goals and budget. Please email me with a brief description of your project, and ask for a FREE sample edit and cost estimate. (No email attachments, please.)

“The faults of great writers are generally excellences carried to excess.”
– Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Some client success stories:

Clara Kelly, The Flamboya Tree, internationally bestselling memoir

Liz Adair mystery novel series published by Deseret Press (Liz started as a student in my correspondence course through WWU)

Maryann Carver, What it Used to Be Like, memoir published by St. Martin’s Press