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Welcome to a future where nothing is as we expected. Polar reversals have the Earth itself unsteady, as a new leprosy plague threatens the human population. Instead of progress, humanity has brought war, disease, and uncertainty to our future. Ariadne is seeking to find the cure not only for the plague, but for the hurting world as well. When science fails to reveal an answer, she must turn within to find that science can’t do everything, and is shocked to discover that she holds the power to heal the hurts and ills of the world. Her journey from family isolation to a life on the run with the mysterious AWOL American smuggler, Peter, takes her on a journey of discovery through space, time, and reality unlike any other. Add in her unstable media-maven college friend, Leeza, and you have a recipe for a thrilling adventure with unexpected twists and turns until the last page. The Ariadne Connection by Sara Stamey is a thrilling ride into the future.

I enjoyed how this book mixed science with mysticism to create a more holistic view to life in this world. The concepts mentioned in The Ariadne Connection shouldn’t be new or unfamiliar to readers, and provide a fresh perspective to the story. I especially like how Sara Stamey mixes science and religion to bring the story to life, which can make it more personal to readers. It’s a fast paced, thrilling journey into the future that will leave readers breathless and wondering what will happen to the very end. A great read.

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